(his wounds healed, the skin a bit thicker than before)

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……………………………………….nyssa u still doing au prompts or what

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Heard my name and started running
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I actually watched all of In the Flesh last week, mostly because you and like two other people I follow started talking about it, and it has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE okay there is like nothing else left for me. I just thought you should know.

THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME i fell hard and fast for this show and i starting pestering my mutuals so they would watch it too and iT WORKED and suddenly my dash was full of the show and i was so glad i could get people into it SO THIS MAKES ME RLY HAPPY

let us all be agreed this show is perfect

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*laughing maniacally*

THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT did you know you reblogged three simon and simon x kieren posts in a row and i looked at them and thought it was a show about a boy and his vampire butler and that’s why i downloaded it

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hi, i just started watching "in the flesh", and i was wondering when simon comes in? i'm really excited to meet his character uvu

OH MAN i hope my gifsets haven’t spoiled you too much! his first appearance is in the first episode of the second season so you’ll meet him soon enough since season one only has three eps. COME BACK WHEN YOU’VE MET HIM AND TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS


the best from in the flesh scripts

keep it togETHER SIMON

us guys, you mean.
yeah, us guys.

And I go “I mean tired! Like, you usually look less tired…”

Chloe on talking to Joss Whedon before her screen test for AoS.

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That’s not just a cosplay Cat Woman, that’s a hero. On Saturday July 26 at Comic-Con Alicia Marie was cosplaying as Tigra with her geek+model friends. A creep publicly reached into her bikini bottom and de-pantsed her. He would have gotten away unscathed if not for ANTM winner Adrianne Curry. Dressed as Cat Woman, Adrianne chased down and clocked him with the butt of her bull whip. Hopefully some folks got photos of his bloody face, this guy deserves some JAIL TIME.

"Right now, I am just thankful and happy I have friends that don’t even have to put a costume on to be superheroes.   AM”

Alicia’s much longer original Facebook post here. More thoughts on cosplay and harassment here from the Comics Beat’s Heidi Macdonald. Adrianne Curry can’t be everywhere, con organizers and attendees all need to do more. We need to do more.

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Video Game Meme / Five Quotes [4/5] → "Women do not frighten
like little boys."